Vaccine remorse hits home

Like buyer’s remorse after spending a lot of money on a product that you realize you don’t want and shouldn’t have bought, millions of people have vaccine remorse after being injected with central nervous system-disrupting, blood-clotting, nasty Covid-19 vaccines. For many others, the remorse is for their family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers who died from the injections. For millions of others, however, the Covid-19 vaccine GIVES them Covid-19, making, ironically, their worst fears come true

The worst part is that the “customers” cannot “return” the vaccines. Bad guarantee, and returns will not be accepted. It doesn’t matter if you have your “receipt” (vaccine card or pass), because there is NO undoing of mRNA codes once they are embedded in your cells. They sneak in like a poisoned Trojan horse and invade the space, the message between your DNA and your RNA, and that’s it. You’re all set. Coded to produce unlimited prions and proteins in your blood that travel far beyond just the aching muscle tissue where they’ve inserted the technology into your arm.

The vaccine “muscle myth” debunked: spike proteins split off from your cells and travel through the body via your blood

Spike proteins split (break away from) the cell, leave the injection site, and travel through your body and brain, contrary to what the filthy vaccine manufacturers, the corrupt FDA, and their co-conspirators at the CDC are telling everyone. If you want to understand the science, the real science, behind mRNA, listen to the scientist who created it, who discovered it, who pioneered it, and who is now whistleblowing about it. Get ready to hear the truth about this filthy, pandemic Covid-19 vaccination:

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology, Mr. Steve Kirsch is a serial entrepreneur who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines. Dr. Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary biologist. Bret talks to Robert and Steve about the pandemic, treatment and the COVID vaccines.

Order now: Your personal non COVID-vaccinated declaration

Sold! Now, after half of all Americans have received at least their first Covid-19 shot, if not their second, millions of victims are discovering immediate or strangely delayed vaccine damage, some of which now appears permanent, including loss of vision, hearing and organs contaminated with blood clots. You were “sold” a lie, free of charge. People are now suffering from a massive loss of motor skills, simple tasks that they could do just fine before the vaccine(s), but now barely or not at all, such as holding a glass of water, brushing their own teeth, driving a car, jogging, and so on.

This is buyer’s remorse of the most extreme kind, and these people are beginning to find out WHY vaccines are free and promoted with so much propaganda and “free stuff.”

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Buyer’s remorse is usually associated with expensive things, like cars or real estate, but now it’s from something consumers got that was free and corrupted – nasty vaccines. How is it that you became so afraid of the coronavirus that you hastily purchased an experimental vaccine? Would you undo it now if you could, give it back and undo the mRNA-prion-creating function that is now part of who you are and what you are? Remember in the 1990s when all the natural health advocates were screaming to ban GMOs?

It was for a good reason. Food is now corrupted with genes that create pesticides, and now, 30 years later, your body is corrupted with genes that create prions, and you might end up with mad cow disease, becoming psychotic in the fight against the “invaders” – pathogens that your body is now programmed to create and that spread through your blood.

This is much more than a “period of mental discomfort.” This is more than some feelings of regret and anxiety after making an important purchase, but how did it get to this point for so many people? This is called cognitive dissonance, where people do what they feel compelled to do by outside forces to avoid stress on an unconscious level. The media makes everyone “look forward” to the ultimate stress reliever, and that is post-vaccination peace of mind, but it is a trap. It’s a trap like running to the “low tide” sandbar just before the tide comes in. There is no escape.

You missed the better option if you have been vaccinated against Chinese flu. Vitamin C, D and zinc building immunity are the key.