Irish Government admits Covid-19 does not exist.

A Freedom of Information request to the Department of Health in Ireland has produced a letter from the government admitting that the Corona virus does not exist.

Investigative journalist, Gemma O’Doherty, had previously gone to the office of chief medical officer, Tony Holohan, to ask why the Freedom of Information request had not been answered.

In fact, by letter, the ‘National Public Health Emergency Team’ and Minister of Health, Steven Donnelly, had been asked why they refused to answer a “freedom of information request” that had already been made several months ago.

This Freedom of Information request asked if the government could provide evidence that Sars-Cov2, also known as Covid-19, exists and has been isolated in a laboratory. First, the law was broken on the Freedom of Information request because it was not answered by the deadline.

Eventually, however, an answer was given by letter, stating that the virus COVID-19 does not exist. The virus has never been isolated by any kind of science, let alone validated according to “Koch’s postulates” criteria, which are the scientific requirements for designating such pathogens.